Pure, Healthy & Plant-Based Sweets

PURE is The QuintEssentia’s healthy & plant-based sweet range that is filled with nourishing goodness.
We have collaborated with a nutritionist to ensure they are packed lots of goodness. Our in-house dessert specialist experimented with various flavours and textures, to create these perfect PURE sweets.
The PURE Sweets have no added sugar, contain healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre to keep you full and satisfied. They are ideal for stashing in your handbag for a healthy snack.


Remember, although our PURE Sweets are free of refined-sugars, they contain dates, dried apricots and dry figs. All dried fruits are high in fructose so should be eaten in moderation. 
We believe Perfection is a lot of little things done well and that is our aim for every special piece we create.

Pure Sweets

golden dates Golden Dates
Anti Ageing & Stamina Booster
Citrusy and nutty date bliss ball is packed with vitamin B, E and antioxidants
Allergen: Nuts (hazelnuts), sulphites
rose coconut fig balls Rose & Coconut Figs
Appetite Suppressant
Figs and almonds are a great source of fibre and protein. The flavours marry perfectly with rose and coconut
Allergen: Nuts (almond), sulphites
chocolate apricot Chocolate Apricots
Disease Fighter
A potassium and antioxidant rich square boosted by oats, cranberries, blueberries, chia seeds and 70% dark chocolate
Allergen: Gluten (oats), sulphites

Each of the PURE is uniquely handcrafted to perfection and is approximately 3cm in size.

Please Note: All our products may contain traces of nuts & gluten