Our Goal

is to continuously innovate
and bring together all your senses,
fulfilling our ultimate goal
of providing a quintessential experience.

Our Core Values

Customers should be cherished.
Perfection is a lot of little things done well.
Being Humble Matters.

Our Story

Our dessert journey began from our childhood. Our grandmother and mother, both, are fantastic cooks and we have had the pleasure of enjoying this for years. The Indian sweets they make have the right combination of every ingredient, every spice they use.

As we got older and started hosting our own parties and going out for fancy dinners, we quickly realised that finding the perfect dessert was almost impossible. It was either sickly sweet or rather dull looking. We could never find a dessert that was eye catching and appealed to our sugar sensitive taste buds.

We are the kind of people who peel off the sugar icing from a cake and wipe the buttercream off the cupcake just so we can enjoy the cake.

We are two sisters who want to serve an impressive dessert that tastes better than it looks.

What We Do

The QuintEssentia

With our primary focus on handmade canapé desserts, we accommodate a variety of dietary requirements including egg free, gluten free and vegan.

At The QuintEssentia, we style indulgent dessert tables for parties, corporate events and your dream wedding – all delivered with a personal touch.


Bonbon is our fusion sweet range, where we make artisan sweets with contemporary flavours. It is well suited for gifts on occasions such as Diwali, Eid and Weddings.