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Specialising in Egg Free & Vegetarian Canapé Desserts, Afternoon Teas, Bonbons & Gifts with a wide range of Vegan options

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The QuintEssentia is a London based desserts and bonbons provider that specialises in Egg Free, Vegan and Halal Desserts. Whether it’s a milestone event, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, or a get-together with your loved ones, The QuintEssentia is ready to go that extra mile and make your event even more special.

What’s different?

The not-so-sweet desserts, the complexity of flavours, the fine presentation and all this completed with our white-glove service is why our customers love us.

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Hosting a birthday party, baby shower, dinner party, wedding or a corporate event?

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Please drop us details such as: Event Date and Type (e.g. Birthday, Corporate, Wedding). Dietary Requirements (e.g. Vegan). Specific Interests (e.g. Canapé Desserts, Bonbons, Dessert Tables).