Oversized Chocolate Bars

These delicious, extra large chocolate bars are fun to bash with the mini wooden mallet and enjoy as a treat with the whole family! Approximately 25 x 15cm in size.

Chocolate Bars

Piña Colada Bar

Contains: White Chocolate (milk, soya), Wheat (gluten), Pineapples (sulphites), Coconut, White Chocolate, Plain Chocolate, Dried Flowers & Flavourings (Coconut, Pineapple & Rum – alcohol free)

Cherry & Pistachio Milk Chocolate Bar

Contains: Milk Chocolate (milk, soya), Cherries, Pistachio (nuts), White Chocolate, Caramel Chocolate

Milk Chocolate Almond Bar

Contains: Milk Chocolate (milk, soya), Almonds (nuts)

Milk Chocolate Biscuit Bar

Contains: Milk Chocolate (milk, soya), Wheat (gluten), White Chocolate, Caramel Chocolate

*Nut Free

Dark Chocolate Orange Bar

Contains: Dark Chocolate (soya), Orange Peel, Pumpkin Seeds & Cranberries (sulphites)

*Vegan friendly