Jilna and Mishna

Jilna Gosrani (left) and Mishna Shah (right)

A Personal Story

Our dessert journey began from our childhood in East Africa. Our grandmother and mother are wonderful cooks and we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying this for years. The Indian sweets they make have the right combination of every ingredient, every spice.

As we began hosting our own dinner parties and frequenting quality restaurants, we quickly caught on that perhaps, finding the perfect dessert wasn’t going to be an easy task. They were either beautiful and sickly sweet or rather dull looking and delicious. We couldn’t find a dessert that was both eye catching and appealed to our “sugar sensitive” taste buds.

We are the kind of sisters who peel off the sugar icing from a cake and wipe most of the buttercream off the cupcake just so we can enjoy the dessert; and not because we don’t like buttercream. So you can imagine our frustration….

…And thus began The QuintEssentia

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